Wet Hot Beef pt. 1 by The Fat White Family


By Samuel Smith


Those beautifully abject and soiled souls of SW9 have been streaming a novel tune my dears, and the bizarre and putrid imagery contained in the name does full service to this meaty number. Seedier and more sexually aggressive than almost the totality of Champagne Holocaust (how?) this track is filth, undiluted. A repetitious post-punk riff thick with the quintessential Fat White grime of incessant substance abuse and the ennui of societal rejection and spiritual degradation, Wet Hot Beef pt. 1 is the aural equivalent of a naked and wrinkly old Johnny Rotten stood in the window of red lit Amsterdam brothel with his tongue poking through open cracked lips, beckoning custom like a drunk demented siren with a history of manual labour,


Rising up out of the disillusioned delivery of verse and chorus like that of Wild American Prairie, wails of chastisement can be  heard along with whining discordant guitar, and as such, any premise of a video for this labial jaunt must be as follows - the band are cast as the lumbering chain-ganged sex slaves of some toothless old hags circling a cauldron, cackling and menacingly stirring a satanic brew with giant double-ended dildos fashioned from the bones of our current batch of odious fascist politicos. And nothing else will do...

The boys have an impending split EP with Taman Shud coming very soon. According to The Quietus, "It'll be available on vinyl then and released digitally on Christmas Day, consequently featuring three festively-titled new tracks, 'Wet Hot Beef', parts one and two, and 'Now That I Am Taking Myself As An Artist (Wet Hot Beef pt. 3)'."

They play the 100 club next Tuesday to launch the very EP wherein the Beef is contained... https://www.facebook.com/events/493722657390540/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&source=

I ask you, where would we be without our darling Fat White Family...?