Cosmonauts - 'Persona Non Grata' LP Review

Cosmonauts arrived in the UK for the first time ever last month and we were lucky enough to book them in for two storming London shows.

They'd stunned us back in April with an incredible headline show at the Austin Psych Fest pre-party and we weren't disappointed as they hammered through two sets laden with tunes from their killer new LP Persona Non Grata.  

Comsmonauts video for 'What Me Worry'

The LP is an absolute masterclass in garage rock with machine gun guitars, primal drumming, bass hooks from hell and lyrics you wish you wrote. 'Dirty Harry' , 'Sweet Talk' and 'Shaker' are album highlights for sure.

But the quality of the album steps up to the next level with 'Pure Posture' A stone cold classic that perfectly sums up the marauding swagger and angry undercurrent that make Cosmonauts one of the most exciting 'psych' bands on the planet right now. 

We urge you to buy the vinyl from Burger Records