LISTEN: Pond - Man it Feels like Space Again

By Rim Irscheid

 After four albums of indefinable sound-merging, Tame Impala side project, Pond, goes one step further in creating a sound that appears in loops and makes the listener’s head spin.

 Starting off slow and steady, Pond  reveal their fifth album 'Man it feels like space again' in an almost ridiculously graceful manner on their album launch in Cologne, Germany. Creepy synthesizers and Nick Albrook’s, washed out vocals in the opening love ballad “Waiting around for grace” introduce the  Aussie band from Perth.

 Tame Impalas' 60's psych sound still lingers around, but Pond take it and juggle it, mixing all sorts of motown-sound and fleet-footed funk vibes in this modern psych batter. The track 'Zond' is one of their more rhythmic dance tracks compared to the long-lasting sound of 'Sitting up on our Crane', which is triggered by a wash of guitar and synth effects.  They have somehow become even more indecisive over the course of their five albums, creating a variety of ways to experiment with their sound through different musical backgrounds.

 The softer a song starts, the more rocky it all ends with a rough goodbye to everyone thinking they got an idea of the album – it's like attempting to figure out the idea of time and space. The fade outs in between all songs on this album perfectly describe the inner urge of the music to go on and on, as it all sounds like a fun jam exported from a beach somewhere down under.