Listen: Follakzoid - III


By Ben Spence

Chilean band Follakzoid’s follow up to 2013’s 'II', is once again released on Sacred Bones, this record continues in the vein of II and is easily recognisable to those familiar with the band. Despite the band hailing from Santiago you’d struggle to find too many apparent South American influences on this record. The most obvious comparisons being towards those of 70's Germany; Neu!, Can and Kraftwerk most specifically. In fact on researching this release I found out that a Korg synthesizer used on tour by Kraftwerk.

The album opens with ‘Electric’, the first of 4 tracks, which is almost 12 minutes of steadily pounding bass which, alongside the hi hat, provides the song with a foundation for the familiar effects employed by Follakzoid throughout their career so far. The drums on this track play a danceble disco-like beat. The track finishes with electronic noise swirling around the mix reminiscent of the effects used on Ridley Scott’s Alien.

‘Earth’ has a clearer guitar presence alongside the familiar synth sounds reaching a more obvious crescendo with crashing cymbals. The third track entitled ‘Piure’ relies the most on Follakzoid’s atmospheric qualities. Any vocal presence on this album is buried in the mix and the lyrics aren’t obvious on first listen, however this is in no way a criticism as the synthesizers, heavy reverb and delayed guitars provide enough of the melodic sensibilities many listeners might crave for.

‘Feuerzeug’ comes across as the tightest track upon first listen due to the bass, synths and guitars interweaving with each other making them complimentary to the drums, which provide occasional cymbal crashes and pings to complete the sonic landscape.

Follakzoid’s III is released on the 31st of March on Sacred Bones Records.