Listen: Morgan Delt - Obstacle Eyes

By Rim Irsheid

Sixties vintage guitar sounds, fade-out vocals and a Sgt. Pepper’s choir - Morgan Delt from California manages to bring Woodstock into contemporary psych rock surroundings, plucking out little bits and pieces for every instrument. So softly, you can almost hear every guitar string individually swinging.

His melodies are floating around, creating some sort of a spiral-shaped sound, accompanied by subtle rhythmic patterns. Despite this washed out guitar sound still being catchy, it is sure-footedly running away from any form of musical restriction - only occasionally being put in its place by a tambourine beat which manages to create a steady plod in all this musical fuzz.

Listen: Ulrika Spacek - I Don't Know

By Ben Spence

Ulrika Spacek’s, 'I Don’t Know', begins with a riff that sounds like you’re going to be listening to a doom band for the next five minutes. This expectation is completely blown away when a clean guitar is playing choppy chords over the song followed by a lead soaked in reverb. This song really soars and has elements of 60s garage rock, notably The Nazz, alongside a huge Jesus and Mary Chain influence. Great song. You can catch them supporting Doug Tuttle at The Shacklewell Arms on the 13th of May. Tickets here.

Watch: The Crocodiles - Foolin Around

By  Lucy Pogoriler

Sunny San Diego's, psych-pop duo ,Crocodiles have released a new video for 'Foolin Around' from their upcoming LP 'Boys' which is due to be released on the 12th of May via Zoo Music. We all remember the Peanuts gang, well the duo depict themselves as a grown up Charlie Brown and Linus Van Pelt.  Never did I think I would be seeing Charlie Brown smoking cigs and playing in an underground club looking like a bad ass.