Watch: Grimm Grimm - Hazy Eyes Maybe

By Ben Spence

Grimm Grimm, the alias of former Screaming Tea Party member Koichi Yamanoha, has delivered the world a new song, complete with video, entitled 'Hazy Eyes Maybe'. The song is also the title track of Grimm Grimm’s upcoming debut album, which is out on the 29th of June.

Musically, the track is a delicate affair with a simple acoustic guitar that sounds almost like a lute. Yamanoha quietly sings a lullaby like melody over the guitar with a healthy dose of reverb to clearly separate and suspend his voice from the guitar. The song reminds me of a slightly more melodic Syd Barrett in his solo era.
The accompanying video consists of various scenes including a fish appearing to sing, Yamanoha himself singing into a tin-foil covered microphone with a pair of goggles on and cutaways of kaleidoscopic footage of amp dials and more fish amongst other things.

WATCH: The Black Ryder - Let Me Be Your Light

By Ben Spence

THE BLACK RYDER'S, 'Let Me Be Your Light', off new album The Door Behind the Door, channels North African sounds alongside more familiar shoegaze to create six minutes of shimmering psychedelia. The first 30 seconds are a build up of reverb before a bassline cuts in followed by a steady drum beat. The track sits comfortably with reverse reverb swirling in the background through its entirety. The vocals comes across as quite cold at first but as the walls of sound that sit in the background become more obvious, subtle harmonies are created and this really lifts the track. As the harmonies fall away Aimee Nash’s voice is given more space to breathe and the echoes become more obvious.
The Black Ryder have flexed their elaborate muscles on Let Me Be Your Light, compare it to an earlier song like All That We See and it becomes easy to see how much they’ve developed their sound. The Door Behind the Door is available now on The Anti-Machine Machine.



By  Lucy Pogoriler

There's so many different bands out there that all deserve a chance to rage on stage and play their music. It's exciting for us to be able to help out all the new bands and set a stage up for them to rock on. This Sunday get out the February funk and begin March with a bang. We've got RELICS, who we have put on a few times and they never fail to impress us. Last time they played a Lock show with us a member of the crowd and a dear friend of mine ended up being smacked in the brow with a guitar, she's got a great scar story to tell now...round 2? 

MELT DUNES are coming down from South Hampton to make all of your worst nightmares come true. How you wonder? By melting in the distorted fuzz of the guitars and synths and stirring it all in a pot and as the band like to say making it sound like a ''bad acid trip''. Don't let this scare you off, this is a trip you want to take and be haunted by. With a name like MUERTOS you can expect a spooky sound. They travel into the dark ends of psychedelia and bring out the raw harmonies that will haunt you forever. PET PORTRAIT recently released a new video for their track 'Holy Hologram' in which wooden blocks represent the band and people at a gig all losing their minds at what I assume is a Pet Portrait gig. There's even a solo wood block dance on a standard Saturday night.