New Vibes - Autobahn

I'm not going to lie, I've probably spent the last 3 years holed up listening to a million 'psych' bands, most of which are beginning to merge into one. Recently, i've managed to wein myself off and listen to what else is outside of that vista.  

Leeds based, Autobahn are one band who smashed their way into my earholes recently. They produce post punk that aligns throbbing bass and drums, with guitars that cut glass, allied with angsty gothic vocals that keep you more than interested throughout. 


Yeah, it sounds like something you might have heard before, but I still really want to see these guys lit up by a strobe through a hail of smoke smashing venues to bits. 

New track, 'Ulcer', is going down well across the land but earlier tracks 'Seizure' & 'Force Fed', taken from AUTOBAHN 1, really grabbed me by the balls on the first listen. 

Excitingly, their new 12" AUTOBAHN 2 is out  via Tough Love Records in early July, and I'm pretty sure that'll find itself cramming its way into my collection. 

Check these guys out, you won't regret it.